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tamil.unicode.converter - Types

Vijay Lakshminarayanan's.converter

iyer vijay's converter , is also a free english to tamil unicode converter which gets input in pane 1 and displays the converted tamil unicode text in pane 2. Additionally in pane 3 the html code for the converted text is displayed. If you are a programmer then you can use this to convert your english text into tamil and copy the html code from pane three adn use it in your code or for any other purpose.
Another special point i would like to mention is you can type the english letters assuming this ( ik + aa ) which will give you the tamil letter kaa. You can have in mind the concept of consonants and vowels to form the final word. This was really interesting 'cause this is how we learnt to form letters in tamil. So you will really enjoy this type of converter but still you have to follow certain extra conditions to get the tamil letters.You can download or use the originals form this site. Indian Language Converter. You can find more ind ian language converters in this site like hindi, malayalam, telugu, etc...

suratha yarlvanan's.converter

surathas converter, is a free custom english language to tamil unicode converter. You will have two input panes one below the other. The top one is for english input and it will be converted and is displayed at the bottom input pane. Since this is a custom converter hints are given as a table which will appear at top of all so you can refer than if you are doubtful of letter. To obtain some tamil letters you have to follow certain key combinations to get the appropriate letter which involves using capital letters and hyphen. You can copy and paste the converted tamil text into any text input and you can save it as a unicode text. These points apply for all the converters available here. I have used some code of the orignial site and modified according to my preference. but yet to arrive on this page...


This is another most interesting english to tamil unicode translation by google. It translates word by word unlike the others which translates by every letter. You type a word and press space and you will see the text been converted to tamil. Another amazing feature of this is word suggestions. If you couldn't get the exact word and if you press backspace google displays a drop down menu with suggested words which mostly has a proer match. This was very amazing for me. So when people make corrections from this drop down menu google is storing the corrected words for displaying proper words in future. Google has included transliteration in gmail and click here to go to google tamil transliteration page.