Jquery Image slider rotator slide show in horizontal direction made easy

Here you can see an image slider or in other words image rotator with animating effect using jquery. This is done very simply by using two div's and image tags and just three line of javascript code which uses jquery. The jquery code uses the default animate method to scroll the images horizontally. Images are displayed inline inside a div which will be fitting the total images width. This div is enclosed by another div which is of fixed with which will not show the scroll bar so overflow is hidden. and then we just scroll the inner div using javascript as if we use the scroll bar. with the help of the animate method of jquery we get the sliding effect.

Code and Explanation

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<div class="contents" style="width:520px;  margin:0px auto;">
<style>#_animateSam img{float:left;}</style>
<script src="jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script>

<div id="_animateSam" style="width:500px; height:200px; overflow:hidden;">
<div style="width:2500px; height:295px;">
<img src="01.jpg" /><img src="02.jpg" /><img src="03.jpg" />
<img src="04.jpg" /><img src="05.jpg" />

    var _$cnt=1;
    function next()
	    $('#_animateSam').animate( {'scrollLeft':500*_$cnt++},500);

That is all folks. Enjoy.

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