Get a list of country/state/city in a hierarchy using geonames webservice

Here you can get a hierarchy of places. Get place information like a tree structure. For example you can take north america, and in that you can pick united states. and from the list of states which will be 50 you can pick one state for which you will get a list of counties. and by selecting a county you will get a list of all the cities. Liks this you can do for any part of the world. But i couldn't get information as expected for australia. May be i did not understand the administrative levels of austraila. In the unites states it is state/county/city and in parts of europe it is province/region/city. The following works very well for United States and Europe. I have to test for other parts of the world. Below is the code explanation and references.



State / Provice:

County / Region:


Code sample will appear in a few days... Till that you can just copy this pages source code and you can use it. it is simple and straigh forward.


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