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I am a computer programmer by profession. I have completed computer science bachelor degree and working as a software engineer(software developer) for an IT service provider. Now it is my third company. Currently i am with PHP, JavaScript and DHTML(HTML + CSS + JavaScript). It is web development(programming) i do for the past 5 years.

Basically, i had been a C Programmer. Both 16Bit and 32Bit programming in Windows Operating System. I have created many utilities with 16Bit Turbo C++ which are mostly GUI programs. I do this at home after office hours. I had spent a whole lot of time playing around with C language and low level programming with c language 16 bit. And then networking got interesting so started learning PHP and windows programming

Win32 API programming was what i wanted to do after working a lot with MS-DOS and i am doing it in free time. Win32 api is for my personal purpose and PHP my profession. I have equal interest in Web Development and Windows Programming. Yet officially i am a php programmer and i do windows programming in leisure.

Network programming is getting very interesting. Because at one point it will be impossible without networking. For now i am playing around WIN32 Sockets and Linux Sockets through windows and PHP programming.

Apart from programming i like taking photos by roaming the hill near mine and my cousins farm house and other landscapes where i take most of the photos which you can find it in one of my facebook pages which i had provided at the top. I use Nikon CoolPix S8000 to take photos. So, the photos did not come as i had expected. Thinkinf of getting a DSLR Nikon.

Other instersts are Music of any kind, Movies of any language(with subtitles), Nature watch, etc...

So, i am here to join with people of similar ideology.

You can check see my profiles in linkedln, google plus and facebook through the links i have provided at the top

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