Forgers and Relisoft sites has tutorials and snippets for writing win32 api programs. specially for beginners

freecsstemplates.org my favorite css templates page where i get most of the layout for my pages


a plain, simple and free word reminder program

A simple word reminder program which runs at the background and pops up at certain time interval to remind the words you would like it to remind you. Registration is free. You have to login to add words. The basic version of this program is available and i am making it more user friendly by providing keyboard short cuts and more features. follow the link to work reminder. click here


my code snippets, is a collection of source codes from my repository which have been created by me. i have provided my codes from c language, c graphics, php, javascript, ajax, http concepts and win32 api programming. For the last one i have not yet publishes any codes. i would like to publish most of my c snippets and complete source codes for some c programs. Since it is the starting there may be more code snippets. I am updating this section at my free time. With respect to the c language snippets i would lke to explain in detail. so when ever i get time i will add and update this section. And still i am thinking of a better way to publish so it will help programmers and newbies to upgrade their selves. anyway if you like and if it is useful then enjoy... click here to code snippets

tamil unicode.converter

Tamil Unicode Converter, a free and simple English language to Tamil language unicode converter page inspired from suratha. I can call it like a tanglish program. You have to type in the english letters in top pane and that will be converted and displayed in the bottom pane. then you can select - copy and paste it into any text editor program or email client. I use this page to complose mails in tamil language. so i thought that people can do the same and hence its here. I would like to refer another unicode site. That is higopi.com. Enjoy yourself :) - click here

indian language.transliteration - indian language unicode converters

Indian language transliteration, a free utility which can convert romanized english to its indian language alphabets. A free program which can convert english to any indian language script. In a programmers perspective this free transliteration is a english to indian language unicode converter. All you have to do is type in the english form of your native language and it will be converted to the native language alphabets. To be more precise convert english to any indian language script.

For example, type in ammaa and you can see that it is converted to அம்மா. Here you have transliteration for the following indian languages. বংলা (Bengali) , हिन्दी (Hindi) , ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada) , മലയാളം (Malayalam) , ଓଡ଼ିଆ (Oriya) , ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ (Punjabi) , संस्कृतम् (Sanskrit (Harvard-Kyoto scheme)) , தமிழ் (Tamil) and తెలుగు (Telugu) . Enjoy :) - click here to transliterate


Professionally i am a computer programmer. I have completed computer science bachelor degree and working as a software engineer(software developer) for an IT service provider. Now it is my third company. Currently i am playing around with PHP, JavaScript and DHTML(HTML + CSS + JavaScript). So it is web development(programming) i do for the past 5 years ... read more