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Yuvan Shankar RajaCellphone ringtones from Yuvan Shankar Rajas Tamil Movies. Ringtones from the tamil movies of yuvan shankar rajas music composition.
7G Rainbow Colony movies Theme Music as Ringtone by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Look at the see also section of this page for three parts of this main ringtone. This ringtone is full version of the major three parts of this ringtone. This main ringtone has been split into three parts and are mentioned in the see also section.
Size: 1 MB    Runtime: 1:06    Bitrate: 128 kbps   
Downloads: 49669    Ratings: 1 by 335 users    Views: 109297
Category: Yuvan Shankar Raja  
Ithu porkalama songs intro music as ringtone from 7G Rainbow Colony movie composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja
Size: 422.86 KB    Runtime: 0:27    Bitrate: 128 kbps   
Downloads: 2089    Ratings: 4 by 6 users    Views: 4739
Category: Yuvan Shankar Raja  
adada mala daa song music only version(without lyrics) from paiyaa movie composed by yuvan shankar raja. See Also: the other versions of this songs ringtone by searching the word adada in the search section.
Size: 994.64 KB    Runtime: 1:13    Bitrate: 112 kbps   
Downloads: 2575    Ratings: 2 by 3 users    Views: 4480
Category: Yuvan Shankar Raja  
adadaa mala daa song music as ringtone from paiyaa movie composed by yuvan shankar raja. ** For the starting music sequence look into the see also section below. I have linked to the ringtone which plays the intro music of this song. **Also you can search for adada in the search section to find all other paiyaa ringtones.
Size: 386.94 KB    Runtime: 0:25    Bitrate: 128 kbps   
Downloads: 921    Ratings: 0 by 0 users    Views: 2995
Category: Yuvan Shankar Raja  
Paiyaa movie ringtone. adada mala daa song female humming nan nan nanaa as ringtone composed by yuvan shankar raja.
Size: 376.33 KB    Runtime: 0:24    Bitrate: 128 kbps   
Downloads: 4528    Ratings: 2 by 13 users    Views: 7476
Category: Yuvan Shankar Raja  
Variya nightlife music ringtone from the movie pudhupettai composed by yuvan shankar raja
Size: 614.29 KB    Runtime: 0:37    Bitrate: 135 kbps   
Downloads: 18205    Ratings: 2 by 137 users    Views: 43310
Category: Yuvan Shankar Raja  
Thathi Thathi Thavude songs background score as ringtone from the movie Kaadhal Kondein by music composer yuvan shankar raja. This is the full background score. Refer the see also section below to get them in parts. This full sound piece has been split into small pieces. See see also section to know more.
Size: 1.25 MB    Runtime: 1:33    Bitrate: 112 kbps   
Downloads: 19471    Ratings: 2 by 53 users    Views: 42304
Category: Yuvan Shankar Raja  
Oru Vaanavillin Pakkathilae song intro music as ringtone from the tamil movie Kaadhal Solla Vandhen composed by yuvan shankar raja
Size: 372.88 KB    Runtime: 0:13    Bitrate: 192 kbps   
Downloads: 3216    Ratings: 2 by 10 users    Views: 7119
Category: Yuvan Shankar Raja  
Iragai poley songs background music as ringtone. kannoram kadhal vandhal background music cellphone ringtone from the tamil movie Naan Mahaan Alla composed by musician yuvan shankar raja. This music is extracted from the music of this song.
Size: 302.69 KB    Runtime: 0:19    Bitrate: 128 kbps   
Downloads: 2800    Ratings: 3 by 6 users    Views: 5203
Category: Yuvan Shankar Raja  
Ambalaikum pombalaikum avasaram is a tamil song composed by music director/composer Yuvan shankar raja for the movie kalugu. This cellphone ringtone is extracted from the starting intro music of that song. Click the play button to listen to the ringtone.
Size: 378.47 KB    Runtime: 0:15    Bitrate: 192 kbps   
Downloads: 1373    Ratings: 2 by 11 users    Views: 4162
Category: Yuvan Shankar Raja