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The idea of drawing and painting started when i was studying 8th standard (High School) in vestry school. until that i did not have any idea of doing so. I was not aware of it. No body could until they give it a try. anyway. A fella who was sitting in my fore row had a sticker of FIDO DIDO. I liked that cartoon and asked him do you have a another pieces like that?" and he said "no and if so then i will not 'cause i like it a lot". hhhhmmm... me too.

I was just thinking of how to get one and then this idea came to my mind. Why not make a replication. So i said to him "hey just give me those pieces here and i will make a copy in a paper". he agreed cause i am just a row behind. I took a plain paper and my pencil and started copying that. Just started drawing it. I did not mind what class was going on and the teacher cannot have noticed cause i am sitting a row before the last. After i completed i made all 4 cartoons like that and had it with me.

The guy next to me saw that and said "ey fella, you really did it well". huh huh. hhhmmm... whats the big deal i just sketched like any other lines, curves and arcs. He wasn 't surprised that i wasn't surprised. ... whatever.

It continued and i started painting my pencil sketches a lot. After my first try with FIDO DIDO i started with Tintin. The cover of Black Island - Adventures of Tintin and Snowy. That had come out well. My class teacher saw that and appreciated that. Then i felt .... oovv... i can draw and paint. And then it all started. I stopped reading comics and started to sketch what ever i could. Some were lost. Some were stolen and here are the remaining. All of it were done between my 8th standard and 9th standard (1992 - 1993).

I was staying in the school hostel. School will be over by 4.30 and the study hours will start by 6pm. I start my work by 6.30 after pretending that i was studying something from the syllabus. That never happens. haha. Either i will be drawing or will be playing with the world map. If the warden asks me why are you with that?. my reply will be ... "sir just a few minutes". He can never catch me cause i will hide the paper under my desk and i will spread a book as if i were reading something. Its all in the game. Ain't it. We will know when he is going to appear so it is easy to hide the work. Or i will just stop moving my hands and will just gaze my painting so trying not to make much difference with the environment cause others will be reading or writing home work. fine.

I enjoyed mostly after 10.30 pm when all will start to doze off. I take a bath in that cold water. Change the dress. Take my materials( I used water color firstly and then used poster paint and a little fevicryl.). Sneak to the study room with one light on. Open the windows wide to enjoy the breeze, play the speaker walkman with a.r.rehman music. Amidst this.. my concentration. TOTALLY QUIET. I enjoyed that most. After completing that days work by 12am (0 Hour) i use to feel glad(pride) and go to bed. I need to step 100 steps to go to my bed and on the way enjoying the cool night air throughout the railings and then i get into my dormitory. to my bed. flat. haha. I really enjoyed those moments.

And then i got an australian magazine otto burlington with their or the retail products which includes lingerie. Those models were so beautiful and so perfect in their curves. Why not try to sketch two to three models. Yes i did. and i did not expect that would come out so well. i made the drawing like a printing expect their face. I couldn't give life to my portraits. Thats a drawback in me. anyway. Very nice pencil drawing of three woman with different curves. I liked it the most. I did not miss any lining in the brassiere or their panties. I took a long time like sewing. Guys appreciated that. I took it home and reserved it with the rest of my paintings. Some time later when i searched for it that was not there. It has gone. so i did not present it here. Yet i like those ... .

oye, were you still reading this..? Oh... haha... Thank you. Let us go to the main picture... here we go. to my paintings

yaan petra inbam peruga ivvaiyagam