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how to check whether a javascript object is empty? - Code Snippets

how to check whether a javascript object is empty?

JavaScript Add comments

== Option One ==

function isEmpty(ob){
   for(var i in ob){ return false;}
  return true;
isEmpty({a:1}) // false
isEmpty({}) // true

== Option Two ==

function isEmpty(o) {
  var o = {};
  for(var p in o) {
    if (o[p] != o.constructor.prototype[p])
      return false;
  return true;

== Option Three ==

function isEmpty(ob){
   for(var i in ob){ if(ob.hasOwnProperty(i)){return false;}}
  return true;

== Option Four ==

what about this?

var obj={}
Object.prototype.isEmpty = function() {
    for (var prop in this) {
        if (this.hasOwnProperty(prop)) return false;
    return true;

== Option five – Jquery ==

jQuery.isEmptyObject({}) // true
jQuery.isEmptyObject({ foo: "bar" }) // false

== References ==

* http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=193474

* http://stackoverflow.com/questions/679915/how-do-i-test-for-an-empty-javascript-object-from-json

Similar question here about null object in javascript

* Check javascript object empty or null

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